First-hand observations from paddling trips
a supplement to TW's River Resources
Disclaimer: I jot notes here for my own purposes. It is not meant to serve as a reliable public resource.
A better resource is A Canoeing and Kayaking Guide to Georgia.

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Alapaha 5 Bridge Road to Alapaha Ga. USGS Alapaha River Near Alapaha 10' on this gauge is about 2' too low Needs at least a bankfull of water at the put-in (the southern-most bridge, where county line sign is) in order to float over the cypress knees   yes
Amicalola Six Mile to Steele Bridge to Ga. 53 USGS Amicalola Creek
min 1.3' (1.0' staff)
Ga 53 bridge:
0.9' good,
0.50' too low
  Good (WMA)
Amicalola Lower USGS Amicalola Creek
min 1.1' (0.8' staff)
Ga 53 bridge:
1.0' great
  Good (WMA)
Big Cedar Creek D to F (Ga 411 S. to Ga 100) USGS Cedar Creek Near Cedartown   Cedar Ck Campground 706‑777‑3030 No
Big South Fork (KY) A to B (Leatherwood to Blue Heron) USGS BSF at Stearns KY     yes
Blackfoot (MT)   Blackfoot River near Bonner MT 6,800cfs gnarlee      
Brier Creek D to E: Hilltonia Rd to US 301 USGS Millhaven 250cfs Great moderate level. Plenty of water, good current, dry ground for camping. No sandbars exposed, though.     Camping good. Blockages (deadfall and livefall) are numerous but most have a path through. One had to be carried.
Broad F (Hudson R.) to C (US 29 to Ga 281) to D (Ga 172) USGS Broad River above Carlton min 3.5', 5' pushy, BRO stops renting at 6' Ga 281 bridge min (USGS 3.5') 0.5', okay 1.5' good 2.0' Broad River Outpost  
Canoochee L-7 (first landing below bombing range) to King's Ferry Landing (ten hours paddling) USGS Canoochee at Claxton In the 500s cfs: good paddling, nice to have more routes around deadfalls and paths into cypress groves, but sandbars are covered.   That campground on the Ogeechee near Eden Good at landings if sandbars are not available. Permit office will ask where you intend to camp.
Cartecay B to between B & C (Lower Cartecay Rd to Blackberry Mtn Rd) USGS Cartecay Near Elijay
Cartecay = 0.75 * USGS Coosawattee + 0.56
Lower Cartecay Rd put-in, 1.5' pretty boney MOE, $5 no
Chattahoochee DD to EE (Franklin) USGS Chattahoochee R nr Whitesburg 2.7' pretty low     on islands
Chattooga II USGS Chattooga River nr Clayton 1.5' low but okay once in a while, 2.0 nice   CWO $40 yes
Chattooga III Earl's Ford to Sandy Ford to Fall Ck to Thrift's Ferry USGS Chattooga River nr Clayton min 1.2' , 1.7' is smooth. 2.0'-2.2' moderate. There are two: the staff gauge at the telemetry station on river left bank matches the internet gauge. The staff on the bridge does not. CWO excellent
Chattooga III½ Thrift's Ferry to Woodall Shoals USGS Chattooga River nr Clayton 1.9' good. There are two: the staff gauge at the telemetry station on river left bank matches the internet gauge. The staff on the bridge does not. CWO  
Chattooga IV Bull Sluice to Lake Tugaloo USGS Chattooga River nr Clayton USGS 1.75'/500cfs nice.      
Cheoah (NC) Santeetlah Dam to Calderwood Lake USGS Cheoah River Nr Bearpen Gap Nr Tapoco, NC. 1,000cfs is great for this open boat. 1,500 is a bit overwhelming.   Hitchhike No. Plenty of car camping nearby.
Chestatee, Upper Damascus Ch Rd to Town Ck Rd USGS Chestatee River near Dahlonega, GA 1.9'/400cfs comfortable minimum      
Chestatee E to F ("Middle" aka "Copper Mine"), G to H (US 19 to Ga 400, "Lower") USGS Chestatee River near Dahlonega, GA at App. Outfitters 1/2 mile downstream from G, 1.0' low but okay for Coppermine. Corresponds to 1.2' at Hwy 52. Appalachian Outfitters, $20 for Copper Mine section. Some new place at Hwy 52. I have. Not exactly jonesing for it.
Clark Fork (MT)   MT streamflow      
Conasauga Chicken Coop Gap to Alaculsy Valley USGS Holly Creek: Once Holly Ck drops below 1000cfs, it runs for another 24 hrs RM's bridge gauge: 5"-6" is definitely enough    
Conasauga D to F (Jacks R to 411) USGS Conasauga River near Eton GA 5.1' good but still rocky. 6.0'–6.5' very nice; smooth & lively. 411 Bridge. Observed 1.0', 1.7' and 1.5' when USGS Eton was 5.1', 6.5' and 6.0', respectively, and falling.   Yes. Conasauga trail follows river within Nat'l Forest.
Cooper Creek Campground at FS33 to Mulkey Ck Campground TVA Toccoa at Dial 1000 cfs is good rock just downstream of put-in island: wet on top is barely enough    
Crooked River Crooked R. State Pk to Cumberland Is. see NOAA/NWS Jax tide tables     no
Econfina (FL) SR 20 to SR 388   SR20 5.5' good    
Etowah E to F to G (Ga. 9 to Castlebury Bridge to Ga 136) USGS Etowah River at 136 Near Landrum is the nearest gauge
USGS Etowah River at Ga. 9 385cfs running low-ish. Bony in spots yet few eddies.
Etowah J to K (Ga 9 to Kelly Bridge, "Dawson Forest") USGS Etowah River at Ga. 9 ??
USGS Etowah River at Kelly Bridge Rd
  Remember Bob James Good WMA hunting seasons Gate schedule and trail maps. Also see WMA maps
Fightingtown Creek   Subtract Toccoa released from Blue Ridge dam from Ocoee at Copperhill. Fightingtown's volume at the confluence is about half of this.      
Flat Shoals Creek          
Flathead, North Fork (MT) Polebridge to Big Creek N F Flathead River nr Columbia Falls MT 17,000cfs bulging      
Flint J to L (Ga 18 to Sprewell Bluff to Ga 36) USGS Flint River at US 19 near Carsonville min 4' or 5' Hwy 36 Bridge. 8' okay, 9' is moderate. Call ahead if it's over 10' or headed that direction; the DNR bars access at Sprewell. Park Manager Ken Lalumiere 706-646-6026.
(Carsonville/2 + 6' = Hwy 36)
Flint R. Outdoor Center. 706‑674‑2633 $75 and pissy attitude Yes, islands. Some WMA land.
Flint L to N (Ga 36 to Po Biddy Bridge) USGS Flint River at US 19 near Carsonville 5' (2500cfs) is moderate. Hwy 36 Bridge. 9' is moderate; below that increases technicality.
(Carsonville/2 + 6' = Hwy 36)
Flint R. Outdoor Center. 706‑674‑2633 $75 and pissy attitude Yes, islands and Big Lazar WMA.
Flint Middle (Pobiddy to L. Blackshear) USGS Flint R. at Ga 26 near Montezuma   Flint R. Outpost John 229-787-3004 Yes, sandbars
French Broad (TN) Section 11 (Paint Rock/State Line to USFS Wolf Ck ramp) Marshall 1,380cfs
TVA at Newport 1,430cfs. Sufficient water, piddly current, class I.
  $30! Wild Bill Holcombe, pager: 828-285-1594, lounges at Bluff Mtn Outfitters 828-622-7162 on the main drag (US 25) in downtown Hot Springs NC good for RVs
Hiwassee A to C (Powerhouse to Reliance), C to D (Reliance to Quinn Spg) Apalachia dam release schedule   USFS Gee Ck & Quinn Spgs
Hudson River Ga106 to US29 (last section above Broad confluence) USGS N. Oconee at College St. peaking ~2500 cfs.; USGS N. Oconee at Woodbridge Rd Near Commerce; USGS Broad River above Carlton Bank to bank haystacks & big holes at the shoals.      
Ichawaynochaway Ga 37 to Ga 62 (Morgan to Williamsburg) USGS at Ga 37 Near Morgan 10.3' 620cfs. Great. High but fairly docile. No sandbars above water.      
Intrenchment Creek Key Rd to River Rd just past Bouldercrest (on the South River) USGS Intrenchment Ck at Constitution Rd 150 cfs adequate      
Kinchafoonee Creek Pinewood Rd to Ga 32 (just west of Leesburg) USGS at Pinewood Rd 14'/3,500cfs is great. High and moving swiftly.      
Lazar Creek A to end (Hendricks Rd. to Flint R.)   Upstream RR bridge piling has a seam in the concrete. 24" below seam (obs. when Flint was just below flood) is ample. 36" below the seam is enough. 40" below the seam is below my min. for enjoyment. Jim & Margie McDaniel, Flint R. Outpost. 706‑674‑2633 ~$25 WMA on RR where posted. Map. WMA hunting seasons
Little Ocmulgee Scotland, GA to Towns, GA USGS Scotland 540cfs. Plenty. Great. High but within the banks.      
Little River of Putnam County A to C Little River near Eatonton 265cfs is piddly. 350 is good.     Seemed pretty good.
Little River Canyon Chairlift Little River at Blue Pond 500cfs (0" bridge) is nicely at or above min. for enjoyment. 1,000cfs really good. Bridge above the Falls. 0" enough. 0.8-0.9 is moderately strong   prohibited by the Park
Little Satilla Around Humpback Bridge Little Satilla Near OffermanThe level on 4.27.12 was above min      
Madawaska (Ontario)         hmmm...
Metro Chattahoochee Powers Island to Akers Mill USGS Chattahoochee R. at Atlanta, Ga <1000cfs is very low but runnable; 1500cfs getting better; 5000cfs really washed out.     not appealing
Missouri (MT) White Cliffs       necessary
Mossy Creek New Bridge Rd to Chattahoochee confluence USGS Cornelia 1,500cfs. USGS Chestatee 750cfs. Foo. Not enough. Not paddling, whitewater poling. Put-in bridge piling at 0' (footer just covered). Foo.    
Mountaintown Ck Ga 282 to Carter's Lake Ridgeway Boat Ramp USGS Holly Creek: 140cfs good. 220cfs GOOD.     where Coosawattee current ends
Muckalee Creek Just downstream of Americus: CR 44 to CR 304 USGS Near Americus 6.3'/800cfs is well above min; great      
Mulberry Fork of the Warrior CR 10 to Old 31 ("Upper") USGS Garden City 5.5' great Old 31 bridge = USGS G.C. − 3.3'   undeveloped private land
Murder Creek Glenwood Springs Rd to US 129 USGS Murder Ck Below Eatonton 434cfs. Shoals were padded nicely.      
Nantahala A to B (Top to Ferrebee to NOC) release hotline 828‑369‑4556   NOC, $2 on bus with rafting customers. Boaters ordinarily hitchhike. no
Nolichucky gorge USGS Nolichucky: 900cfs okay      
Ocmulgee, Seven Islands section All access points on river left (east): A to B to C to Wise Creek (Ocmulgee Park to Ga 16/Herds Ck to FS141 to FS?) USGS Ocmulgee River near Jackson: 800cfs at or above min. for enjoyment; near-dead pools & just enough to thread through shoals without scraping. Above 2000cfs the river dances through the shoals. 2,500cfs min for channel left of 40 Acre Island.     Yes, islands. WMA hunting seasons
Ocmulgee Wise Creek to E (FS? to Ga. 83) USGS Ocmulgee River near Jackson      
Ocmulgee Juliette to Popes Ferry USGS Ocmulgee River near Jackson      
Ocoee #2 TVA Release Schedule On is good. Off is bad.     no
Oconee Above Dublin USGS Oconee at Dublin     not appealing
Ogeechee (Piedmont) Ga 16 at Jewell to Ga 123 Shoals Rd USGS Ogeechee at Ga 88 Near Grange 10.3' 330 cfs. is above minimum but not quite min for enjoyment     Great. WMA along one bank
Ogeechee (Coastal plain) Millen–Scarborough–Rocky Ford USGS Ogeechee at Midville 1.8 ample
USGS Ogeechee at Rocky Ford 4.3 ample
    Great. Few sandbars at 4.3', though.
Ohoopee River A to C (I-16/US 1 to Griffin Ferry Rd to Ga 152) USGS Ohoopee at Reidsville, 2,700cfs is all over the place. The main channel is clear and apparent. Oxbows and surrounding forest are 2'-3' underwater.   T&T Taxi in Vidalia 912-537-2993 Not many spots at 2,700cfs. Know in advance where higher elevations along the riverbank occur.
Ohoopee River I to Altamaha (state prison to Tattnall Cty boat launch) USGS Ohoopee at Reidsville, min 190cfs.  750cfs is very nice.   Charlie Ford, 3RE, 912‑379‑1371
Canoe Canoe outfitters
many good spots
Okefenokee Swamp         my swamp trip resources
Ottawa (Ontario)         hmmm...
Petawawa (Ontario) Algonquin Provincial Park       absolutely
Pigeon (NC/TN)          
Satilla near and below Waycross USGS Satilla near Waycross 400cfs looked ample, probably enough for higher sections     above 250 cfs most sandbars btw Waycross and US 301 were underwater
Smith (MT)   MT streamflow     camping is mandatory and campsites dictated by ranger
South River C to D (Klondike Rd to Ga 138 USGS South River at Klondike Rd: 160cfs runnable     Panola Mtn State Conservation Park borders the river.
Arabia Alliance acquires greenspace along the river
South Sauty Creek (AL) bridge to Bucks Pocket Park TVA Town near Geraldine: 670cfs great Bucks Pocket 256-659-2000 10"-14" great   righteous if parking & paddling allow it
Spring Creek US 27 at Colquitt to Whites Bridge Rd USGS Colquitt: 7.6' is high enough by a comfortable margin Some of the wooden boardwalk was submerged at this level   Noisy with jake brakes at night
Sweetwater Creek Sweetwater State Park to Lower River Road USGS Sweetwater Below Austell: 3.4'/550cfs moderate
Talking Rock Ck. C to D (Hwy 36 to Carter's Lake rereg reservoir) USGS Talking Rock Ck 400cfs ample, >1000cfs blast streamside gauge at mile 4.5 is the USGS gauge    good spots downstream past the developed portion (first 1/3rd)
Talladega Ck (AL) Skyline Dr. (FS600-2) to Waldo/Rt.77. shuttle USGS Alpine, 2800cfs day before, falling 800-700cfs during run. Ample. 1.3' Waldo bridge, newer gauge on downstream side. Old Mill Restaurant 256-761-0043. Ample. Maybe! Ask Trig & LaVerne, Red Wagon Retreat, 256-362-2592, @ put-in yes
Tallapoosa F Poplar Spgs to I water treatment plant USGS Tallapoosa Below Tallapoosa 1.9' 130cfs. Adequate. Scrapy on the swifts and shoals but otherwise very nice. in Georgia in Alabama
Tallulah Coleman River to Plum Orchard Rd. USGS Tallulah Near Clayton 380cfs. Comfortably above min. yet piddly.      
Tellico Middle USGS Tellico 1.9' sufficient but technical      
Tesnatee Ck Gene Nix to Copper Mine (Chestatee) USGS Chestatee 650 cfs pretty decent      
Toccoa Deep Hole to Blue Ridge TVA Toccoa at Dial;
min 300, 450 water surface just covering most rocks, 600–700cfs is nice, 1200–1500cfs is getting high
  TVC campground @ access point G 706‑838‑4317 great
Towaliga A to C to D (High Falls to Ga 42 to Ga 83) USGS Towaliga at Ga 83 Near Juliette 470 cfs/4.2'. Good level. Brown. Ga 42 bridge staff: >1' is good    
Town Creek (AL) High Falls Park to Guntersville Lake TVA Town near Geraldine 450cfs is very pleasing; 340 is too low for me   righteous if parking & paddling allow it
Upper Chattahoochee G to J (Sautee Creek to 255 to 115 to Duncan Bridge) USGS Chattahoochee R at Helen GA 0.8' or 1.0' min.
USGS Chattahoochee R at Cornelia 800cfs min for enjoyment, 1000–1300cfs good
Hooch@115 = ( Hooch@Helen * 1.5 ) + 0.5' Wildwood Outfitters, $5 for parking & shuttle not yet. Buck Shoals State Park (Duncan Brdg section) opening postponed
West Fork Chattooga West Fk Campground to Chattooga Hwy 28 bridge USGS Clayton Just upstream of Overflow Rd bridge, 1/3rd mile upstream from the WFCG put-in CWO USFS campground at the put-in has 5 sites
Withlacoochee below Little River confluence USGS Withlacoochee River at US 84 near Quitman 300cfs is ample.   Ben Anderson yes except around Valdosta
Withlacoochee above Little River confluence USGS Withlacoochee River at McMillan Rd   Ben Anderson yes
Yellow Hwy 78 to Yellow River Park USGS Yellow at 124 near Lithonia 1200 dropping to 800: A generous amount of water.     No
Alabaha and Little Satilla   Looked runnable when USGS Satilla near Waycross was 400cfs     Little Satilla WMA map
Locust Fork (haven't paddled) USGS Locust Fork at Cleveland "i'd consider 2.6 minimum for enjoyment.  below that it's pretty scrapy.  3 – 4 is ideal in my opinion.  above 4 and to 5 it gets in the trees a bit." C. Polmatier      
Terrapin Ck (AL) "385cfs a little high. 275-300cfs fine." --TOC     Terrapin Outdoor Center 256-447-6666